My version of December 25

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Merry Christmas from me reindeer ears!


Merry Christmas friends!

I hope all of yours have gone well! I’ve just gotten home from another Christmas celebration on my father’s side of the family, and as I sit here on my bed, reflecting on my day, I’ve realized how little I talked today. And no this is not because I’m antisocial or anything like that, this is solely because there was honestly no one to really talk to.

What I mean by this is if any of you understand what drama can do to a family then you understand what I went through. Walking through the door with the forced smiles saying “Merry Christmas!” and the odd small talks you have with your aunts and uncles about nothing but school and don’t let me begin on the conversations I’ve had with my cousins. Rather, the cousins that were there. What this family drama has done to my family from when I was a little girl resulted in a broken one.

You see, my family, especially my father’s side is huge! I have about nine uncles and aunts that all had at least two children each and so the outcome of these events should be also huge right? Wrong! This year, we only had about six or seven people who came out to our annual Christmas celebration, with shrinking numbers each year. Although I’d hate to admit this, I couldn’t wait until everything was over and I guess everyone else felt the same way because we only stayed together for no longer than two hours. TWO HOURS!! Plus, they pretty much forgot about my birthday which is coming in three days…

Forgive me for this rant-like post, but what happened to the whole family just coming all together and having a good time? I guess what I’m trying to say here is that although my family is nothing like it use to be, those of you that do have families that are close or at least have most of them show up to the party, appreciate it. Christmas is about the whole family coming together and catching up with each other with the bonus of receiving presents, and golly, if I could have that again, then that would be the best present I could ever receive.

Merry Christmas friends, and have a lovely night.


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