A brief 2016 flashback

Hello friends!

I can’t believe that it’s already 2017! I swear, for this whole month, I’m still gonna be writing “16” on my paper while writing in the date. Anyways, I’ve had a little bit of time to reflect on my year and thought that I’d share my top three highlights with you guys this year. So here it goes…

I PICKED UP LITTLES!!! Because I’m a part of a co-ed business fraternity, during my spring quarter of college, I finally got to experience one of the best parts about being in one, picking up Littles! It was definitely a bonding experience for not only us, but for my pledge brothers and I as well. I plan on possibly writing a post about joining/being in a fraternity so keep watch for it. Anyways, picking up Littles was one of the most rewarding and money sucking experiences I’ve ever went through. I mean, you spend so much time with them and pass them down so much knowledge you’ve gathered during your time as an active member, it’s just super rewarding to buy them so many things and making them happy, it just makes your time during school that much more fun.

I TRANSFERRED TO UCI!!! …From UCR, and although I don’t regret doing so, I really miss everyone I’ve build a relationship with at Riverside. Don’t get me wrong, there was nothing wrong with UCR. I mean, they have some of the most welcoming and friendly community I’ve ever met and some of the most lit school music festivals ever! If you have a friend that goes there, you should definitely attend one of them. But ultimately, the reason why I left is because the program that I was in was not that developed and UCI had more internship and job opportunities along with a major curriculum that was catered more toward what I am looking for in my academic experience.

And lastly, I JOINED A DANCE TEAM!!! Honestly, never in my first two years in college did I think that I would be able to join a dance team because as an amateur dancer who was already involved in too many things at UCR, I was not able to catch up during dance workshops nor did I have the time to involve myself with the competitive teams there. Since I was a new student at UCI, who is known for their numerous dance teams on campus, I spent a good time going through many audition processes and after 6+ hours of dancing each night before auditions, I finally got into one! Definitely thankful for my friends for pushing me and encouraging me to follow through with it.

Overall, even though 2016 wasn’t quite the best year for me, I definitely had some amazing experiences and couldn’t have happened without all of my loved ones. To whoever is reading this, cheers to the new year and may 2017 be the year we continue to discover the best versions of ourselves.

Til next time, friends!



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