Disney California’s World of Color!

Hi friends!

Last week, I’ve had the opportunity to go to Disneyland’s California Adventures by purchasing the SoCal $150 for 3 days deal and although that day was packed with a bunch of fun with long lines in between, one event that I couldn’t help but share is their World of Color show.

If you haven’t had the chance to watch it, the World of Color is a nighttime performance that incorporates water fountains, lasers, lights, fog, fire, mist, bubbles, movie graphics, and beautiful music from an array of Disney classics. It’s located in Paradise Pier, the area that has the Mickey Ferris wheel and California Screamin, and all of that fun stuff. It’s definitely an experience that will blow your mind away especially if you’re a music lover like myself.

I remember the first time I saw World of Color about a couple of years ago and it was honestly a life changing experience for me. I literally stood there crying for about half of the show because of how “magical” everything felt. I know this sounds very cheesy, but I feel like after being drowned with a lot of electronic and manufactured sounds in popular music, it was just really nice to listen to something that contains natural resonance, emotion, and timbre. I mean, nothing can replicate the sounds of a real life orchestra without it missing this “emotional connection” as I’d like to call it. Anyways, along with the music that was playing, the water show can be compared to nothing that I’ve ever seen before. Just imagine a huge water fountain in a lake that changes in color and size depending on the mood of the song and a film projector playing iconic Disney scenes from different classic movies through the mist of the fountain. I cannot tell you how amazing everything was and would highly recommend anyone to watch this! Oh Disney, what would the world of music be without you?!

For anyone that’s seen Disney’s World of Color, how would you describe your experience?


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